The game

Runes of Brennos is a combat game in which you play a druid fighting for political power. The player draws magical runes on the screen and cast them on the enemy player or an NPC.

The player has to learn the runes, their powers and weaknesses. To win, you need the right strategy and perfect timing; it's like playing a cool, expanded, fast-paced version of rock-paper-scissors. An early version of the game has been released for Leap Motion. We hope to release Runes of Brennos on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, with a focus on mouse and keyboard gameplay (Leap Motion, Extreme Reality and touchscreen will be supported).


• An exciting single player compaign
• Online multiplayer matches
• 10 unique levels to fight in
• 15 magical powers
• An extensive gameplay tutorial
• Gesture based gameplay
• Amazing graphics using the Unity engine
• High replay value


• Leap Motion
• Extreme Reality
• Gesture Recognition technology.
• Unity game engine.


The game is set in an alternative version of history. In 375 BCE the Gallic chieftain Brennos destroys Rome using the power of magical runes. The Roman domination of Europe never happened. In its place is an unstable Celtic-Germanic empire in which druids of different clans fight for political power. Battles take place in temple-arenas all over Europe and are fought with magical runes.

You are a young druid, dreaming of glory and power. One day you hope to defeat all the other druids in battle and claim the empire as your own.